Top 10 Best Calculator Sites

 Here we will share Best Calculator sites. These sites are free calculators and converts in areas finance Health cooking, math etc. 

Top 10 Best Calculator Sites 

In this list is all type of calculator sites Like Age Calculator, Interest calculator, Car Loan Calculator, Currency Converter and more calculator. 


Website Name -

This site is Biggest calculator Website offers 200+ Calculators Like Financial Calculator, Compound Calculator, Loan Calculator and Margin Calculator, IRR Calculator and also Unit Conversations, Cooking Conversation, Handy Calculators etc.

    Age Old  15 Year
    Alexa Rank 18
    Domain Authority 91

2. Calculator.Net

Website Name - website is created by group of  IT Professionals in 2007. There is 4 Sections Financial Calculator, Fitness & Health Calculator, Math Calculator and total Calculator list is 180+ Calculators.  Like- Mortage Calculator, Amortization Calculator, Currency Calculator, CD Calculator, IR Calculator, Annuity Calculator, Scientific Calculator and more. 

    Age Old  22 Year
    Alexa Rank 1514
    Domain Authority 78


Website Name -

Omnicalculator Solves 1601 problem of Business, Health, Finance, Math, Food, Chemistry Physics Etc. 

    Age Old  6 Year
    Alexa Rank 3,720
    Domain Authority 67


Website Name -

This is Simple Calculator site Specially is for Math learning. Here is some calculator Scientific Calculator, Basic Calculator, Savings Calculator etc.  

    Age Old  22 Year
    Alexa Rank 47,485
    Domain Authority 57


Website Name -

Calculatorsoup is also best calculator Web application provides website. Here you will find free Mortage, Math, algebra, Trigonometry, Physics, Fractions calculator. 

    Age Old  11 Year
    Alexa Rank 2,569
    Domain Authority 57


Website Name -

Hackmath is largest math learning website. Here is a to z math problem solution.  

    Age Old  9 Year
    Alexa Rank 102224
    Domain Authority 30


Website Name -

Here is various type of calculator Scientific calculator, Math calculator, Health & Fitness Calculator. 

    Age Old  21 Year
    Alexa Rank 3,57,349
    Domain Authority 46


Website Name -

Calculatestuff  is a large, Easy, Online Calculator for use Financial, Business, Math, Conversions, Health Calculates. 

    Age Old  10 Year
    Alexa Rank 46,115
    Domain Authority 41


Website Name - comes with various useful calculator and conversation tools. This website is better website to do compound Interest, Personal Loan Calculation. 

    Age Old  Unknown
    Alexa Rank 81,260
    Domain Authority 36


Website Name - is a Simple Calculator site that provide EMI Calculator, Advance Loan Calculator, Loan Tenure Calculator, Loan rate calculator etc. 

    Age Old  4 Year
    Alexa Rank 25,65,277
    Domain Authority 8

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