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World First Living Robot- Xenobots

US Scientist has built the world's first ever-living and Self-healing robot (Xenobot) using cells from frogs. Xenobots behave like 'living programmable organisms'. 

Xenobot is less than a millimeter (0.04 inches) wide. This is very small to travel inside human bodies. They can survive for weeks without taking food. Xenobot name is taken from Xenoplus laevis which is the scientific name of African clawed frog. 

Xenobot is 0.04inch wide and it built by stitching together living cells from African clawed frog
embryos that can be programmed to carry out specific tasks.

What is Xenobots

It is living cells that interact with each other. It is a self-healing robot but it is the opposite of any living being. It can not be reproduced; does not have a limbs, nervous system, digestive system mouth. Xenobot fuel by bits of embryonic yolk and it is due in a week when food runs out.

Xenobot work

Xenobot work in the future is clean up plastic or nuclear waste and remove plaque from human arteries.

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