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Lohri in India


Lohri is a winter Punjabi festival. It is celebrated in mainly Punjab region north part of India. Lohri is celebrated on 13th January every year. The beginning of a harvest festival, which falls on January 13 this year is celebrated during the month of Paush or Magh, a day before Makar Sankranti in a grand manner in the Northern part of the Indian country. Lohri is one festival that brings neighbors and relatives together.

The name of Lohri is a historic significance in itself. The means of 'Loah' is a big griddle or a Tava.
 Lohri preparation is started before the actual festival day. people collect the branches and dry twigs to make a big bonfire on the day. on this day bonfire is lit, people singing and dancing to the tune of Lohri songs. people distribute popcorn, reori, peanuts, and sugar cane forms an integral part of the celebration. The next day of Lohri is known as the beginning of Maghi.

Happy Lohri 

 डे बाई डे तेरी खुशियां हो जाएं डबल,
तेरी जिंदगी से डिलीट हो जाएं सारे ट्रबल,
खुदा रखे हमेशा तुझे स्मार्ट और फिट,
दुआ करते हैँ कि ..
 तेरी लिए ये लोहड़ी का त्यौहार हो सुपर डुपर हिट।।

मूंगफली दी खुशबू ते गुर: दी मिठास,
मक्की दी रोटी ते सरसों दा साग,
दिल दी खुंशी ते आपनों दा प्यार,
मुबारक होवे तुहानूं लोहड़ी दा त्यौहार ||

गन्ने दे रस तों चिन्नी दी बोरी
फेर बनी उस्तों मिट्ठी मिट्ठी रेवरी
रल मिल सारे खइया तिल दे नाल
ते मनिये अस्सी खुशियां भरी लोहरी

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