Cheapest Electric Car Ora R1

Great Wall Motors is ready to launch its new electric car Ora R1 in India in 2020. Great wall motor is a Chinese automobile manufacturer. Ora R1 is the cheapest electric car in the whole world with the cheapest price range of Rs 6.2 lakh to 8 lakh.

Cheapest Electric Car Ora R1

Ora R1 car has a maximum range of 351km and runs on a 35Kw motor. Ora R1 range compares to other electric cars in the Indian market, which have 270km range with the maximum being Hyundai Kona's 452km/ charge. The speed of the Ora R1 is around 100kmph.

In India, the average cost of electric cars is around Rs 13lakh, which is high compared to the average Rs 5lakh for economical cars run on traditional fuel. great wall motors give India consumers an economical electric vehicle option.

India air pollution rises every day, India needs to shift towards green energy sources has become mandatory. Indian Government helps to Intensively push for electric vehicle adoption through EV-focused subsidies and tax cuts.

Lithium-ion Bettery 

The high cost of electric car vehicles is the lack of Lithium-ion Battery manufacturers in the country. India auto manufacturer company imports lithium-ion batteries from other countries (China, Korea, and Taiwan).

Local and foreign auto majors want to start work on setting battery manufacturing plants in India. Suzuki, Toshiba, and Denso have committed an investment of Rs 3,715cr. Tata and Mahindra also has formed a partnership to start the production of lithium-ion batteries in India.

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